GNGROUP is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. The operations are mainly concentrated in Europe, the United States, Asia and Southeast Asia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Having the right product for our customers at the right time does not happen by chance. Responsive supply, distribution and planning groups enable GNGROUP to be in good standing to respond to unexpected changes in the marketplace, enhancing commercial advantages in robust marketing systems and expanding sales volumes.

GNGROUP have been established with a major focus on the trading of crude oil originated from Russian Europe and East of Middle. GNGROUP management is very experienced in the marketing of various types of oil models. At present, GNGROUP receives millions of Metric Ton of demand from some Southeast Asian customers. GNGROUP is a private group of companies united by a single strategy and vision.

We work with partners from Russia, Turkey, UK, Dubai, Phillipines, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Our customers operate in marine bunkering industry, power generation, automotive industry, printing and trade. Our top priorities are high reliability and professionalism in high-risk projects, individual and non-standard approach, high effectiveness.

To be a leading sales and service company in the organizational and consumer markets. The company’s objective is to provide customers with quality merchandise at competitive prices and a flexible sales and service network nationwide. Gngroup specializes in the sale and service of fuel as well as various commodities.

GNGROUP is a 100% bumiputera company which consist of Malaysian locals for GNGROUP Malaysia and Singaporean locals for GNGROUP Singapore, that are actively conducting businesses in oil commodity supplying field locally and from RUSSIA. Even though supplying oil requires documentation process involving the authorities, bank, financial institutions, online management directly or indirectly, However GNGROUP always think positively in facing the trials and challenges in regarding that matters.

Present economic growth, need and high demand in oil commodity field make us to put it as our main priority. Thus, with the increasing demand oil commodity, we chose supplying oil as our core business.

GNGROUP also conducting building works, interior decorations, trading, import export business, property related business and etc.

M-CITY, No. 326,
Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel/Fax: +60328569244
Email: export@gngroupms.com
Web: http://www.gngroupms.com

Address: 8A, Jalan Pisang Singapore 199075
Email: export@groupms.com
Blog: http://gngms.blogspot.com
Web: http://www.gngroup2u.com


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